Playing a show with a lineup as sick as this poster on Monday at Middlesex in Central Square (Cambridge, MA).

Playing a show with a lineup as sick as this poster on Monday at Middlesex in Central Square (Cambridge, MA).

Our Pal Justin Tiernan made a poster for our release show tomorrow eve, and then our friend and go-to-photog Tom Bellotti turned the process into a cool little video!

.: Premiere: Soccer Mom's Crushing LP Soccer Mom

The inimitable Clicky Clicky Music blog has written a review of our record that immediately makes the entire process of recording and releasing a record worthwhile. They also have a stream of the ENTIRE record. 

Record Review: Soccer Mom, ‘Soccer Mom’ // Release party May 3 @ Great Scott

The magnificent Vanyaland has reviewed our record.  They are also previewing three songs from the album.

It’s Probably Not Your Fault

This is That Song is a blog as unique as it is marvelous, and they had some very kind words about the opening track of our forthcoming LP. You can read it here (streaming song included), but you are encouraged to delve into the archives and keep an eye out for new posts moving forward.



And the promo assembly begins!

And the promo assembly begins!

Pipeline! | Live local music from New England, broadcast weekly on WMBR 88.1 FM in Cambridge, Massachusetts

We will be playing live on Pipeline! Tuesday, April 29th. You should practice for our appearance by listening to the program every Tuesday night 8pm-10pm, from now until forever.

Host extraordinaire Jeff Breeze also wrote us a haiku that is as beautiful as it is … directive.

"You Really Should Tweet"
other soccer mom’s do
though none seem to play music
they discuss gogurt

Inside Dream Room, by Emerald Comets

Our friend and practice spacemate Reuben Bettsak recently partook in a 30-day writing and recording project for one of our favorite blogs, You can listen to the results at the link above, and read the 3-part interview here, here, and here.

Springtime Music In Boston: 15 Artists To See Live

Our dear friends Young Adults are one of the featured bands in this article … they play April 2 at the Middle East Upstairs with Carsick Cars. You should go.